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Cape Maclear photos for old hands

This post is for those of you who have been to Cape Maclear before and is a bunch of photos I took to show how things have changed, particularly at Fat Monkeys. I will be taking more of these kinds of photos to show you how much the Cape has changed and it has changed a lot. First Fat Monkeys
The old bar has changed shape
They have a couple of boats
Construction on old Fat Monkeys bar
Where I’m writing this post from
Wilson’s Fat Monkeys sign
Fat Monkeys kitchen
Today’s Specials
The full menu
My tent in front of the manager’s childrens classroom
Campsite from beach
Shades on the beach
Fat Monkeys pizza oven
Fat Monkeys dining room
Now on to Stevens. The old man is still alive but he’s looking pretty frail these days. The place is seriously run down. The front of Stevens bar, the shade has gone. Note the still unfinished “new” block on the left. They’ve half-built another one attached to the bar.
View from Stevens Bar
Stevens front rooms

“New” Stevens block attached to bar
Down near (or replacing?) Emmanuels is the Taipei Garden Lodge which serves Asian food
And Kayak have expanded onto the surrounding few blocks
I promise I’ll get out there and take some more shots and also find out what happened to Harrods, but for now this brings my blogging up to date. Let me know if there are any people or places you’d like me to photograph particularly and I’ll see what I can do. Now to find my hammock…
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